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We designed Crowds to support what you decide is a worthy cause, and IMPACT the world in your own way.

Private Videos

Create private videos and allow only your CROWD to see your best work.

Clean Interface

Tell the algorithm to step aside with simple controls and upload speed.

Available Globally

Crowds App is now out for download everywhere. iPhone only.

OWN Your Content

Should a platform own YOUR content? We didn’t think so. Add an NFT to your account and own everything you make – no matter where it goes.

Easily Keep Track
Of Monetized Content

Do you need more proof? Your influence directly tracked and kept in one easy to read place. You asked. We listened. Cash out in a moment with top security by Square Cash.

There is no simpler

way to make money

with your content.

There’s no need to complicate something that should be simple. Let your fans and followers support you directly with real engagement and real results.

IMPACT spotlight


Take a look at what it means to have an IMPACT with Crowds. Download the Crowds app today! iPhone only.

Impact your CROWD

with CROWDS by Crowdstarter

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